The best hair colour services on the Central Coast

Be inspired by an expert hair colour technician and let our team create the best hair colour for you!

At Meraki Hair Creations in Erina, We take hair colour services seriously. Director Tam is passionate about all things blonde and is your go to blonde hair specialist on the Central Coast in Erina. Her passion and expertise has been shared with all team members. One of our stylists at Meraki Hair Creations will find the right tone to suit you, whilst keeping the integrity of the hair. So if you always feel like you don't have enough coverage or you are left with YELLOW tones Meraki Hair Creations is the salon for you! Hair colouring is our expertise – with exceptional training in the most advanced technical hair colouring skills.

"I know the importance of creating the best hair colour for you as an individual.  This is why we like to try to get to know a little bit about you, your current concerns, what you like, your lifestyle and personality. This helps us tailor a hairstyle to suit you!” - Tam

We proudly offer a no obligation consultation which allows us to get to know you as a person and assess your hair, while learning a little about your lifestyle. We will talk you through the available hair colour options to give you our expert advice, application methods and techniques will suit your style, hair and personality.

Meraki Hair Creations is know for creating a personalised hair journey tailored to your needs to achieve your desired results.

Our stylists will create a hair colour that is as unique as you, using foil highlights or lowlights. Meraki Hair Creations is known for providing the best expert hair colouring services for both men and women on the Central Coast. But our colour application methods will ensure we create the best hair colour? Which hair colouring technique is right for you?

Highlights and Lowlights

Meraki Hair Creations can create a hair colour that is as unique as you are using foil highlights or lowlights. Your expert hair colour technician at Meraki Hair Creations in Erina, has a variety of options available when it comes to highlighting hair to create the perfect hair colour for you. Foils are individually placed sometimes using varying tones and shades for a desired end colour result.

If you’re looking for a blonde hair colour for the summer, then Meraki Hair Creations is the way to go. Take a look at our hair colour for blondes at Meraki Hair Creations on our Facebook page.

Scattered foils – Create a colour accent in one area like a fringe or side parting with sample foils. Using  foils of varying width and volume can be sliced or woven into the hair to achieve the desired hair colour effect. If you’re experimenting with highlights or lowlights for the first time this can be the perfect option for those not wanting to make a full hair colour commitment.

Half head foils – Using more foils than the scattered foil technique, half of the head or a partial area of the hair is covered. This can produce Highlighting and dramatic results.

Full head foils – Weaving or slicing foils into the full head of hair can be as intense and dramatic or as natural and subtle as your chosen colour shade will allow. With endless possibilities, this is one of our more popular hair colouring techniques.
Colouring grey hair and root regrowth
Fancy something really dramatic like a complete colour change?! Inject more life, shine and depth with a complete hair colour change. Whether you want to cover grey hair, accent your natural shade or colour root regrowth for a more vibrant shade then Inspiration will create the perfect hair colour for you.

Permanent or semi-permanent hair colour – Creating the right colour, shade and tone to match your skin tone and personality is the first step in this process. The hair colour is applied using sections, slices or on the full head of hair to ensure even total coverage.

Root Regrowth – Retain your hair colour vibrancy, depth, shine and coverage with regular root regrowth treatments. Re-colouring your roots on a regular basis means your hair will look at its best and in perfect condition.

Latest hair colour trends

Our vibrant hair expert like to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the very latest hair colour techniques and trends.

With new hair colour methods and technology constantly evolving, you can be assured Our Meraki hairstylists stay ahead of all the latest technologies and techniques to create incredible contemporary colour transformations every day.

Hair colour correction problems

What do you do when hair colour goes wrong? Seeking out professional help as soon as you can means you could avoid stress and anxiety over hair dye disasters. At Meraki Hair Creations, our highly skilled stylists are fully trained in correcting hair colour problems.

Changing a hair colour – don’t fall into the trap of thinking applying a new shade over the old one will correct hair colour problems. A hair journey is never a quick fix or a one off salon visit it involves an in depth hair plan tailored to you to suit your hair needs. If your hair has been previously coloured then simply covering over with a new colour may not be the right answer. Factors such as sun lightening, repeated washing, root regrowth and build up of colourant all affect different sections of your hair over time.

The best way to correct hair colour and hair dye problems is for our colour technician to analyse your hair to decide the exact mix of tones and shaded needed to restore the hair colour.

Hair colour and shade imbalances – Colour correction doesn’t have to mean that you’ve dyed blonde hair green or dyed your hair orange using a home dye.  One of the most common colour or shade imbalances are found in highlights that are too orange in tone or dark bands of hair colour that have overlapped with repeated colouring. People seek our expert Tam's advice with these kind of hair colour problems daily.

Hair colour disasters – Hair colour problems can be complex but rest assured you’re in safe, expert and understanding hands when it comes to rectifying hair colour disasters. Allowing our stylists to properly assess every part of your hair and the exact hair colour problem will establish exactly what techniques are needed to solve the hair colour disaster. When hair colour goes wrong, trust the expertise, experience and skills of the team of stylists at Meraki Hair Creations to help you out of this stressful situation and get your hair colour corrected quickly.

A professional Hair Colour consultation

Got a burning question about hair colour? Our in-depth free Colour Consultation at our hair salon in Erina will answer all your hair colour questions.

Topics included in our hair colour consultation  –

  • How long should I leave it between hair colouring appointments?
  • Will washing my hair fade my hair colour?
  • Can you colour or dye your hair if you are pregnant?
  • What hair colour would suit my skin tone?
  • How can I ensure my hair colour lasts longer?
  • Can sunshine and swimming affect hair colour? …and many more questions.


Hair Cuts and Styling

At Meraki Hair Creations in Erina on the Central Coast, we understand that the best haircut and hairstyle is achieved when we know the needs, personality and lifestyle of our valued clients. 

A free, professional, no obligation consultation allows us to tailor a hair cut and style that will suit you, your personality and your lifestyle.  A great professional hair cut and style can really alter the way you look and feel.

Begin your very own personalised hair journey today!

Great haircuts and styling at Meraki Hair Creations

Creating the perfect hair cut and style isn’t just about taking a pair of scissors and cutting away, there are many deciding factors (and years of training) when it comes to achieving the perfect hair cut.

Taking into account the balance of your facial features and your face shape ensures we advise you on the best hair cut and style that will enhance and compliment you as an individual.

Our expert hair stylists at Meraki Hair Creations have many tools to create a great hair cut.

Clippers, razors and scissors change the shape of your hairstyle whilst adding more volume and texture. They create more body and density along with movement.

Your experienced hair stylist at Meraki Hair Creations will use some if not all of these tools to create the perfect hair cut as the direction of growth, hair density and texture varies between your crown, fringe, neck and sides.


The reasons we have chosen to use REDKEN Colours for you:

  • It gives outstanding results
  • Formula adds superb condition and shine
  • Delivers 100% coverage
  • All the colours are intermixable. As we know every client is different, this gives us the luxury of creating your own personal colour just for you
  • High performance colour
  • The products have nourishing products to help keep the hair in the best condition possible
  • The powder lightener used is infused with Tea Tree and essential soothing oils to protect the scalp and hair follicle.

At Meraki Hair Creations we currently use the REDKEN colour range for all of our colour work in the salon. The colour system is so advanced, there is no other brand we have found that gives a better result.

REDKEN colour is free from para-phenylenediamine, which is found in most hair dyes and can cause allergies or irritation on the scalp. Eliminating this from the formula, REDKEN has created a colour system both suitable and non-irritable for almost every client.

The Creative Intelligence system, created by REDKEN ensures that every product from the REDKEN colour range is 100% intermixable, which gives our stylists endless options; ensuring we can give you the perfect hair colour every single time. Our stylists have the freedom to find the perfect colour to compliment your complexion, hair type, eye colour…the options are endless!

REDKEN colour provides advanced colour adhesion, shine and coverage for a longer lasting, quality colour-finish.