Living by the meaning of “Meraki” – To do something with soul, creativity or love; to leave a piece of yourself in your work.

Hairstylist and owner Tamara has over eleven years’ experience in the industry and was lucky enough to undergo extensive training. She has taken her passion for hairdressing into her own hands to build up a dream of hers, opening a salon that will always deliver an extraordinary salon experience she believes in.
Since opening the doors to her own salon, she has built up her team of stylists from one to ten. Each staff member is carefully trained to the same standards.

We endeavour as a team to deliver an exceptional hairdressing experience EVERY visit.

This dream then grew bigger than just hair. Tam decided to take the Meraki salon experience to the next level and sourced and employed highly qualified Beauty Therapists, who too share a passion for extraordinary service.

Among sourcing the greatest therapists she could find with a world of knowledge and experience, Tam too has grown a love and passion for all things skin. The Meraki journey all starts with a thorough consultation, to create a hairstyle or skincare plan to suit YOUR lifestyle and ends with satisfaction.

We stand by that 100% satisfaction every single time!

In addition to all aspects of hair and beauty, the Meraki team specialise in blonde hair colouring and are driven by achieving skin results, making us both blonde hair and skin treatment specialists.
 Combining the two, we are extremely proud of the perfect duo of Meraki Hair & Beautè. Using only the best colour and product range, REDKEN and the second to none, the one and only, OCosmedics.

At Meraki we believe we are more than just the salon visit.

Our stylists take pride in creating a personalised hair journey, tailored to suit your lifestyle. For some this is to achieve a low maintenance colour to minimise time spent in the salon chair, or this might mean a skincare plan customised to suit your time and budget. We show you tips on how to make styling easy and give you ideas to get the greatest longevity out of the colour you have just paid big bucks for. Our knowledgeable therapists will help show you the most time efficient, cost effective and beneficial way to get real skin results to have you feeling confident in your own skin.

But why BLONDE HAIR?  – Yes, blonde hair. Everyone finds it difficult to find a hairdresser to get their colour right. Well we will help you work towards your desired shade while educating you every step of the process so you feel comfortable throughout the whole journey. Because let's be real - it can be a long journey to a silky smooth, healthy, creamy blonde.
And SKIN?Why are we so passionate about skin? This is because we are all going to age whether we want to admit that or not. It’s the truth! We are the educated professionals and want to share our knowledge on how we can help you achieve the good ol ‘Age gracefully’ phrase. We wont stop at this. We will also help you treat any skin condition or insecurity you may have. This may include acne, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, an uneven complexion or texture, rosacea, dark eyes and so, so much more!

We want to help give you an effortless, easy to maintain appearance that you feel confident in!